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We are the exclusive distributors for Portioli Coffee and Gime Coffee Machines for Australia and New Zealand. Come join us on the journey through the world of Portioli

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Weather it's beans, grounded coffee or PODS, regular or decaf, we have the blend to excite your taste buds

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Visiting some of the finest cafes and restaurants in Milan, the team at Coffee Haus discovered Portioli, falling in love with its distinct flavours and aromas. It is here where our obsession with the brand began.

With further travels throughout Italy, Europe and beyond, Portioli continued its romance through its consistent quality and flavours regardless of which country or café we stopped by to have a coffee in.


To enjoy a perfect coffee, a quality product is not enough. The final result also depends on the machine it is prepared with. This is why Portioli Group founded GIME (Italian Espresso Machines Group) and created a line of top quality and high-tech espresso machines.


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