A story of passion for great coffee
roasting beans

The history

In 1958, Giorgio Portioli first embraced the world of raw and roasted coffee when he bought a coffee tasting-bar in Via Eustachi in Milan. He and his wife Mina Portioli started using a roasting machine to produce and sell high-quality coffee blends. In 1973, the gourmet brand Portioli was born with the family selling their blends to other bars and cafeterias across Italy. In 1989, the company moved to larger headquarters and began expanding globally with exports worldwide.

Portioli blends are characterised by guaranteed quality and consistency over time, a diversity of flavours and aromas and first-class selection of green coffee beans in countries of origin. The latest technologies are used in the bean selection and roasting process to bring the perfect cup of coffee to our customers.

Only the finest qualities of coffee bean will do, carefully chosen in the most suitable regions and land, taking into account the ideal habitat and appropriate altitudes. This results in the makeup of our unique symphony of flavours that flood the palate with pleasant notes and intoxicating sensations.

Fostering a close relationship with selected manufacturers and exporters, combined with regular visits to the major producing countries, allows us to check the quality standard of all production, from seed to cup. This is how we achieve consistently high-quality levels for our Portioli customers.

Portioli is served in cafes, restaurants and coffee bars across four continents. We have come a long way whilst retaining our identity. What distinguishes us is our continuous pursuit of excellence. Innovation and tradition come together as we embrace change without forgetting our ‘made in Italy’ traditions.

The Partnership

Visiting some of the finest cafes and restaurants in Milan, the team at Coffee Haus discovered Portioli, falling in love with its distinct flavours and aromas. It is here where our obsession with the brand began. With further travels throughout Italy, Europe and beyond, Portioli continued its romance through its consistent quality and flavours regardless of which country or café we stopped by to have a coffee in.

From there our relationship began, bringing the beautiful flavours and aromas of Portioli to Australia and New Zealand.


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