To enjoy a perfect coffee, a quality product is not enough. The final result also depends on the machine it is prepared with. This is why Portioli Group founded GIME (Italian Espresso Machines Group) and created a line of top quality and high-tech espresso machines.

Our roasting know-how is used to improve the espresso. Hence GIME – Group Italian Espresso Machines – is born. Combining the experience and tradition of the best manufacturers, we created the well-known Sinfonia, the new Opera and Archimede. Italian design, high-tech construction, material quality and creative solutions. All hand made in Milan.

Archimede coffee machine


Is an elegantly designed machine;vintage for excellence, but technically advanced. Archimede can keep up with the highest quality standards of a regular professional coffee machine, even if it takes very little space.


Professional and particularly well finished in all its expressions, Opera was created for those who favour simplicity of use, without giving up quality and performance guaranteed over time.


Designed with particular consideration to shape, colour and detail, the Sinfonia is perfectly adaptable to all kinds of venues, regardless of interior design tastes.


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